Earn when you don’t want to work! Upto Rs.500 cash back for each services you add

How does it work?

  • Submit your details and achieve your SAVid.Once you have achieved your id then you can be a SAVdost.
  • Refer any service provider and help him to get registered. You will earn when your referred service provider starts earnings. So the more you refer the more you earn.
  • You also can be service provider and start your own business without any investment with SAVdost.


It is a service from SAVhome to help you earn by referring service providers and customers.
Anyone who can read and write local language. Sound English knowledge will be advantage.
No you need not to pay anything just you have to refer.
Its minimum 6 months and automatically continues with continuous addition of services.
A SAVdost can add any service provider starting from Grocery to Construction service providers.
No it’s a service from SAVhome for them who wants to earn at their free time.
Yes, if you complete minimum service provider additions.
When your reffred services provider gets his 1st Order with minimum value , the referral premium are subjected to change.